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Dominiquex To Do List

So I only have about a million+ projects planned, but hopefully this will help me keep track of them... If anyone would be interested in collaborating with me on something here, feel free to let me know. :)

CRO-MAGNON (may be largely suspended in favor of Castaways tribal clothing)
- Clothing: spiff up existing AF hide dresses and AM hide loincloths
- Clothing: adapt hide clothing to elders, teens, children, toddlers
- Clothing: low tech fur outerwear
- Clothing: tailored hide clothing set
- Clothing: early woven clothing set
- Career: finish Hunter & Gatherer careers (already partially done)
- Object: convert book object to cave drawing and Incan knot-writing forms

- Clothing: high class AF fine linen semi-transparent gowns WITH shoulder draping (+ low class recolors, all age equivalents) (might need to mesh)
- Clothing: high class AM fine linen semi-transparent loincloths (+ low class recolors, all ages)
- Clothing: Egyptian M & F outerwear
- Mesh, Accessory: hi, middle & lo class neck collars
- Mesh, Hair: Pschent/Sekhemti Crown of Upper & Lower Egypt
- Mesh, Hair: Khepresh Crown
- Mesh, Accessory: Diadem of Egypt
- Mesh, Accessory: Uraeus ornament
- Mesh, Hair: Nemes headdress
- Mesh, Hair: Atef/Osiris Crown
- Mesh, Accessory: Isis headdress
- Mesh, Accessory: Hathor headdress
- Hair: Nefertiti headdress
- Hair: Egyptian braided hair
- Mesh, Facial Hair/Accessory: Pharaoh beard (both genders)
- Makeup: gold, malachite, & lapis eyeshadows
- Object: edit book to clay tablet, papyrus

- Accessory: elemental necklaces
- Mesh Edit, Accessory: resize Cernunnos antlers Katu did this here!

- mesh Edit, Clothing: elongate mesh Sentate's Winged dress (AF) Pinketamine did this here! Might need a pregmorph edit
- Mesh, Clothing: Chiton/Peplos dresses
- Clothing: Outerwear

- Accessory: Crown edits of FantasyRogue's crispinettes
- Mesh, Accessory: veil with circlet (a la my Janet PBK avatar)
- Mesh, Accessory: Wimple (a la Saint Claire from "Bother Son, Sister Moon") Cynnix did this here!
- Mesh, Clothing: peasant-wearing-blanket outerwear
- Clothing: AF "Lily" Legend white & gold dress
- Clothing: AM "Jack" Legend green ragged forest-y short tunic
- Clothing: AM "Jack" Legend gold scaled armor
- Clothing: TF/AF "Una" Legend fairy "dress"
- Clothing: AF "Aurora" everyday & presentation dresses
- Skintones: carved wooden & stone/clay golem servo skins
- Clothing: plantsim outfit set (everyday, all ages, formal, outerwear, warrior)
- Object: Bronze hand-held & wall mirrors (for yeomen)
- Mesh, Hair: long braids (a la my Janet PBK avatar)

- Mesh, Face Template: basic dragon face
- Mesh, Accessory: full mouth of sharp teeth
- Skintone: emerald-light green scaled "Kazul"
- Skintone: black & red scaled "Vermithrax Perjorative"
- Skintone: red-gold scaled "Smaug"
- Skintone: suede-ish gold, bronze, brown, blue, green "Pernese"
- Skintone: dark emerald green "Rhaegal"
- Skintone: cream & gold "Viserion"
- Skintone: black "Drogon"
- Skintone: gold scaled "El Dorado"
- Skintone: green feathered "Quetzalcoatl" (to Naga mesh)
- Skintone: white scaled/feathery "Falcor"
- Accessories: wings, tails, back spikes, face spikes to match above skintones
- Mesh, Accessory: wavy back ridges
- Object: egg-shaped "cradle" for newborns with modified needs

- Clothing, just a ton of clothing
- Accessory/Hair: Mexica (Aztec) M/F headdress
- Accessory: necklaces
- Accessory Mesh/Hair: turquoise & coral in hair

- Alien Queen project: skintone, crown, dress, loungewear, female drone "hair", female drone dress, nursery incubator object
- Distric 9 Prawn project: body mesh, skintone


Patrick Rothfuss' "The Kingkiller Chronicles"
- Sim: Felurian (skintone, eyes, hair, makeup, butterfly accessory)
- Sim: Denna (hair, daily dress, emerald outfit, emerald jewelry)
- Mesh, Accessory: Denna's ring (+ Lily's ring & Aragorn's ring retextures)
- Sim: Kvothe (hair, skintone, rings meshes, cloaks, Rhetoric & Logic book object, "Bloodless" hanging deco item, thrice-locked chest object)
- Sim: Bast (satyr clothing outfit, blue whiteless eyes)
- Sim: Fela (work dress, fancy black dress)
- Sims: Auri, Devi, Kelvin
- Sim: Lanre/Haliax (cloak)

Patricia C. Wrede, Enchanted Forest Chronicles:
- Sim: Cimorene (long black dual braids, golden circlet)
- Sim: Morwen (long-sleeved black robes for all occasions, cottage in the Enchanted Forest lot)
-Sim & items for Kazul, listed above

GRR Martin "Song of Ice & Fire":
- Sim: Tyrion Lannister
- Sim: Daenerys Targaryen
- Clothing: House-based armor

Male - Pooklet-ify
- Cazy "Sky" Not likely, as this is an unshared pay item >:(
- Rose free 52 / Peggy 4434(?)
- Roan pay 42
- Peggy 110601 / Newsea J035

- Quality furred: black jaguar, clouded leopard, ocelot
- Gentle elf skin
- Genese servo skin project
- Stone-golem skin, clay-golem skin, bark-wood skin, carved-wood skin
- incl. above: dragon skins, alien skins

- FantasyRogue's Rhys
- Katu's Deliciousness
- FantasyRogue's Wolf
- Dragon face (yet to be Milkshaped)
- Cat-ish face (yet to be made)
- Goblin-eared face
- NP, AJ, JA
- Bird-ish face?

- Modern medical career w/Eaxis replacement
- "Resistance" guerrilla career
- Weyr career
- Holder career
- Crafter career
- "Guild" and "Merchant" Business DR and non-DR options

- Legacy: Targaryen of Song of Ice & Fire infamy
- BACC-ish: Pern founding through as many Falls as I get
- MCC: I've actually been doing this for months, I just gotta get around to posting it...