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Obligatory Sticky Welcome

So, apparently I've started an Sims 2 LJ page...

I'm not exactly sure yet exactly what I'm going to turn this page into, but it will be a supplement to my Sims 2 creations and writings, if any, like oh so many other sims livejournals.

The site is based around the concept of my main 'hood, a place separate in place and time where beings from other worlds are brought to live out their lives together. Many are historical, others from legend and characters only imagined on our world. The deus ex maxima of this realm is a personified form of the world itself, called Æther.


Things & styles likely to be here: mostly bodyshop content (i.e., probably nothing you can get in build/buy mode), fantasy, Egyptian/Greek/Celtic/early middle ages/historical/tribal/pre-contact Native American items (basically any culture before it was conquered by another), recreation/interpretation of fictional characters, Steampunk, Art Nouveau, grungy futuristic/post-apocalyptic, and probably much messing around with the English language with many freely-given opinions.


What I've Done Thus Far (CC Index)

What I've Written Thus Far (Stories & Challenges)
Æther I: Birth of a World
Medieval Charter Challenge (MCC): Ceald
Legacy Challenge: Targaryen Westerosi Legacy
Build A City Challenge (BACC)-ish: PERN

What I've Figured Out Thus Far (Tutorials)
Non-Default Replacement Face Templates here and at PBK

What I Would Like To Do (To-Do List)


My Policy: I do not make any items in a vacuum, nor do I share anything I would desire to hoard for myself. :) Feel free to use, recolor, and redistribute anything of "mine" as long as none of it ever ends up on any paysite. I find involving money in the exchange of freely made user-generated content for a game that we all already paid for just plain unethical. Credit is appreciated. And I would of course love to hear about anything you made off of my pieces, but it's not required by any means.

I do honestly try to give credit to anyone who inspired me or who's content I've utilized in my own creations. If you feel I neglected to mention something, please don't hesitate to let me know!


Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your time here and/or find it somewhat helpful/useful.


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