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Long lost update...

SO... It's been sometime since I posted here! I'm still online, still in the community (PBK and GoS mostly), still playing sims even! Sadly, I haven't been able to create anything. However, I have a brief window coming up where I might be able to post a little bit... so here's hoping!

What I have been able to do is play a bit of two challenges - I've gotten through about 1.5 seasons of Vllygrl's MCC and the early stages of my long-promised Targaryen legacy (based on The Song of Ice & Fire series). So at the very least I should be able to share some pictures and stories. I also finally resurrected my one true hood, Æther, and have some early plans for that, so maybe you'll finally get to see what I'm about... ;)

As far as cc... If I have the time, the priority is probably on finally finishing some careers I promised, then my beloved pet project of making dragon!Sims (custom face template, skins, wing-etc accessories, maybe some objects), tied with various Egyptian projects. :crossedfingers:

To the (near) future! :clink: